Based on automobile operation and maintenance services, the Group creates the market-oriented automotive aftermarket ecosystem featuring “people, vehicles and life” to provide customers with comprehensive automobile services such as automobile maintenance, automobile testing, roadside assistance, parking services, charging services, procurement and sales of automobiles and spare parts, gas station operation, and oil sales. The Group also provides value-added services such as refined oil, charging and parking.

The Group focuses on key competitive areas and pursues high-quality development: building a centralized procurement and sales center, extending the automobile service industrial chain, and exploring the maintenance and sales business for various brands; and entering the scrap vehicle dismantling industry to maximize the benefits of recycled vehicle resources. Going forward, the Group will step up the export of used vehicles, promote the export of public service industrial chains such as operation & management, vehicle maintenance, and intelligent transport, promote the synergy of commodity trade and service-oriented trade, and jointly create a new pattern for diversified automotive aftermarket.