Guangzhou’s No. 1 bus route, the first bus route, was opened in 1952. The service quality has improved over 70 years of development. The Group owns 13,800 buses and operates about 1,300 bus routes, serving about 80% of the city’s bus passengers every day. A mature urban public transportation network system and regionalized public transport route network have been established.
The Group provides passengers with diversified, personalized high-quality urban bus services by operating 780 customized bus routes. The water bus system, which is Guangzhou's fourth public transportation system operated and managed by the Group, has a citywide transport network with a total length of 59.96 kilometers, exemplifying the achievements of Guangzhou's “green public transport” development. The Group also operates Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which is the busiest BRT system in Asia, and won international awards such as the United Nations Momentum for Change 2012 Lighthouse Activities and the Gold Standard Status in the 2013 BRT System. The “Bus Box”, a public transport comprehensive service platform that integrates travel, shopping and leisure, has promoted the fusion of urban public transport with city life. It has opened nearly 40 convenience stores, fresh food stores, coffee bookstores, and self-service areas, bringing culture to bus stops and stations in Guangzhou.